Tuesday, July 20, 2004

state of the baby

Current stats:
length: 25" (90th percentile)
weight: 17 lbs 10 oz (just off the chart)
head circ.: 16" (90th percentile)

She's 17 weeks old and right on time (or early) for all of her developmental milestones. She babbles, with consonant-sounds. She tries to sit up. She has just started reaching for and grasping toys. She smiles and laughs and squeals. She's been sitting up with support for the past month. She hasn't rolled over yet; she twists her body a little. The doctor said given the back-to-sleep movement, she may skip rolling over entirely, and just go to sitting up.

She gets a little red under her many chins, and we're to use Cetaphil and corn-starch on that area to try to keep it dry. Other than that, she's entirely healthy. I haven't mentioned it lately, but her little umbilical hernia is healing -- her belly-button lies mostly flat most days.

She had vaccines today, and that went as you'd expect. She's asleep right now, after an extended nursing session and Children's Tylenol.

And that's the state of the baby. :)