Monday, July 05, 2004

Last night Jacqui slept in her own room for the first time, and I survived it!

It helped that I was completely exhausted from carrying her around all afternoon at Reba's. If I'm ever invited to a party anywhere again, I'm not going unless Geoff goes. It's just too hard. She can't sit up on her own yet, and she hates being in the car-seat if we're not actually in the car, so she has to be in someone's arms. Reba took her from me for a little while, but I couldn't ask her to keep doing that -- not when she's going through everything she's going through right now, and even if the ending of Allison's story had been a happier one, a woman who's just given birth should NOT be holding a 17-lb baby.

Folks cheerfully helped me with food & beverages when I asked them to, but I didn't want to ask too much, because I wasn't the reason they were there.

Does this sound complaintive? I don't mean it to -- it's just that I've figured out it's harder than it's generally worth to take her to a party on my own. I'm VERY glad we went, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat, in this situation. I just wouldn't do it for anyone else. ;)

Then my dad never called all weekend, after telling me last time he was here that we'd see each other today. So at 7:34 (it was after 7:30, at least ;) I decided he's probably awake, and called his cellphone. Heh. He was awake though, and now he & his wife are on their way over here, and then we're going downtown with the tourists for the day.

When Jacqui woke up this morning, she was in the Best Mood Ever. She grinned and smiled and did this happy-excited arms & legs happy dance. We nursed on one side, she fell asleep, and I put her back in her crib ... and as soon as the blanket was on her, she opened her eyes WIDE and just grinned at me! So we played for a while, and then we finished nursing, and then she fell back asleep for real, in her very own crib in her very own room.

And she's just starting to stir again, so I'll go figure out which happy clothes we'll wear today.