Friday, April 23, 2004

a nearly perfect day

Jacqui woke up for her 3am feeding and never really went back to sleep. At 4:30 Geoff got up to help me with her, and all three of us stayed awake after that. But she calmed down around 6, and from 9 til almost 11 she was happy to lay in her crib and watch the shadows while I caught up online and showered and stuff.

And then we had an adventure!!

Geoff drove us to the metro, and she slept the whole way to Union Station -- including the transfer at Metro Center. And she slept while I found the Vital Records Office, and she didn't wake up until we were back at Union Station where I found a baby-changing station to divest her of her wet diaper.

That was ..... 1:30ish? 2pm? That's when she realized she was hungry. She screamed the whole way over to the Thunder Grill, where the kind hostess sat us in a booth in the back so I could nurse her while I ate. As soon as we were settled, she was SO happy.

My waiter was wonderful, and refilled my water and iced tea about 6 times, and brought me bread to go with my happy salad (it had clementine slices in it!), and as I ate one-handed, Jacqui sat on my left leg and just gazed around everywhere. And then she sat on my right leg as I ate dessert left-handed. She was just so quiet and happy and enthralled with everything ... I can't help gushing; I'm just in love.

Then it was nearly 3:30, and we had to leave so that I'd be home in time for her next feeding .... but as soon as we left the restaurant she started crying. So we headed back over to that same ladies room in the Amtrak area, but this time there was a LINE for the baby station! Twenty minutes later, she was much more comfortable and happy again.

That's what caused the adventure to end on a less than happy note. Because of that delay, she got hungry while we were on the metro ... so she cried the whole way home. :( The trains were full of commuters, and I'm sorry to offend any regular metro riders, but commuters are RUDE. No one would let me sit down, so nursing her was just not an option. I almost didn't make it onto the orange line train when I went to transfer, because of people shoving in front of me -- even when I was right there at the door to the train. And then again, everyone just sat there watching me try to comfort her as I stood next to her. No one offered me a seat; I was the entertainment.

However, once we got to Dunn Loring, a very nice older lady offered me a place to sit on a shaded bench to nurse while I waited for Geoffrey to come pick us up. And then Jacqui was happy again. :)

And now she's not-quite-asleep, propped up on the boppy pillow on my bed, while I type this.

She's the most wonderful girl EVER.

(And the rain waited til we were home and settled. If I'd seen a weather forecast I might not have even left the house today ... sometimes living in a self-imposed media blackout is a good thing.)