Friday, April 16, 2004

post-partum woman

Babies -r- Us man: "They've discontinued the Saratoga pattern ... we have it in the Clarion pattern, though."
Me: "That's ugly."
BrU man (amusedly helpless): "I really only have this one ... "
Me: "I am post-partum woman, and I *want* Saratoga. I don't WANT this one."
BrU man (not laughing, which gains him points): "I can give you the 800 number for Graco ..."
Me: (sigh) (looking at Geoff) "Do YOU have a problem with the ugly one?"
Geoff: "No ... we really need this tonight."
Me: "Okay fine. We'll take the ugly one."

So now we have an ugly baby swing. And that's all I know.