Friday, September 17, 2004

happy foody baby

Tonight she dispelled any qualms I'd have about leaving her with someone for longer than 2 hours.

She ate an entire first-foods sized jar (2.5 oz) of bananas, mixed with both rice cereal & about 2 ounces of my expressed milk. She ate so much she got that glazed, half-lidded food-coma expression while she was still sitting in the high-chair. :)

I'm not in a hurry to wean her (today was her 6-months on the calendar; I really want to go the whole first year), but I am happier than I can tell you that she's got options. :) The bottle-refusal thing was really bothering me ... at this point, we never need to try a bottle again; pretty soon she'll be able to handle a sippy cup!

(The diapers are NASTY though. ~gag~)