Saturday, July 16, 2005

"that's a funny little dance ... "

Geoff had just started an mp3 playing that he wanted me to hear, and so when Jacqui started to do a little side-to-side dance, at first I thought she must really like the Gorillaz.

Two factors weighed against this hypothesis: she'd never danced to music on her own before, and her expression suggested the exact opposite of enjoyment.

I thought, that looks a LOT like the dance Boo did in Monsters, Inc, when she had to potty! Except Jacqui's only 15 months old -- maybe she just needs a fresh diaper. After I took off the not-very-wet-at-all diaper, she escaped from the changing pad and crouched on her ankles, looking at me. Then she stood back up -- and I saw the wet spot on the carpet.

And that's when I remembered that yesterday she made that same face and picked at her diaper right before she dirtied it.

So I think this weekend we're going to buy a potty chair. She may not be talking, but she's definitely growing up.