Wednesday, April 27, 2005

In Her Crib, Napping.

At the very beginning, for the first two or three months, she would eat and scream and eat and scream, sometimes taking a break to nap -- but not often, and she wasn't sleeping through the night. Then she started sleeping through the night. That lasted until she was seven or eight months old -- but she never napped.

Recently, around noon or noon-thirty, she'll look at me with those sleepy eyes, and I'll think, "Okay, self, here comes the fight." And I'll pick her up, and she will exclaim vociferously that she is most definitely NOT TIRED, and we'll walk in circles around the living room and kitchen, and ten minutes later she'll be asleep. (Then comes the "can I get her into her crib without her screaming" challenge.)

A few minutes ago I changed her wet diaper and then I picked her up. She flung her arms around my neck (I LOVE THAT!), and ... she was asleep! Just like that! And now she's In Her Crib, Napping.

If this is what "they grow up too quickly" means, I'll take it. (But only this.)