Wednesday, May 18, 2005

she knows things.

Jacqui doesn't really talk yet. She's said a few words in her little life, but only once each, and none for the past month or so. I'm not horribly concerned because she still babbles sometimes, and she definitely understands what we're saying.

Case in point: This morning she was carrying around a small plastic bowl and nibbling Cheerios. I'd put a few in the bowl, she'd wander off with it (mostly without dumping it out) and eat the cereal and then come back for more. At one point she walked over to the back door, dropped the empty bowl, and started back. When she was halfway across the floor I said, "Where's your bowl? Did you drop your bowl?" And she turned around toward the door, so I said, "Will you go get your bowl?" AND SHE DID. She brought it back to me, I gave her more Cheerios, and she walked off again just like nothing important had happened.

About twenty minutes ago she started making sleepy noises and faces, so we went upstairs and rocked a little. I sang "Rainbow Connection" once, laid her in her crib while still singing, and covered her up. She looked up at me, I sang it again, and she fell asleep.

No tears.

She's amazing.