Thursday, April 14, 2005

and she walks!

As Jacqui learned to keep herself upright over the past month or so, she'd grip your fingers so tightly that the ends would turn cold and blue within seconds. Desperately you'd squeeeeeze your finger out of her vice-like grasp, only to have her immediately replace it with a fresh one. She'd drag you in laps around the ground-floor of the house: through the kitchen, through the dining room, through the living room, back through the kitchen. Nothing would sway her from her course -- she was the Little Engine that Could, and you were simultaneously cargo and support.

Two days ago, all that changed. Now she will hold on for a few steps, let go, and walk a few steps to take your hands again. Now her hand in yours is more companionable, less like a tourniquet. And yesterday, she walked straight out into the middle of the room with no apparent destination; she traveled about five feet before she had to take an abrupt seat on the carpet.

For her birthday we bought her a dual-purpose ride-on or push popcorn-popper toy that she refused to walk behind. She'll ride on it if you push, but fair warning: if you start pushing her around on it, she'll be Very Upset when you stop. Maybe tomorrow I'll pull it back out into her path, and see if her opinion of pushing it has changed.