Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ontario in the summer is just as hot and sticky as Washington, DC. Fortunately, we're staying at a hotel with air-conditioning -- unfortunately, the unit's three cool settings include "teeth-chatteringly cold," "toe-numbingly cold," and "swelter."

We've been here since Sunday and we're scheduled to leave this evening. We'd all like to stay another day, and that's the mark of a good visit.

Jacqui's been having an excellent time. She chases Sharou (my in-laws' schipperke), she plays in the swimming pool, she eats corn-on-the-cob -- holding it banana-like, insistantly without assistance -- and just about everything else she's offered. Last night we ate dinner at a local bistro, and she was so happy that she gave me a big slobbery kiss on the nose. When we left the restaurant, she walked hand-in-hand with her grandma up the sidewalk to the car.

There's more, but now we're running out for our last day with the Ontarioans.