Tuesday, November 16, 2004

my eight month old girl

Yesterday evening I put Jacqui in the exersaucer so that I could run upstairs and get ready to go out with her. I brushed my teeth and then listened: she wasn't talking, but she was still pushing buttons. I put my contacts in and listened: yep, still playing. I put a little make-up on ... she was STILL playing. I grabbed some socks and started back down the stairs.

She was sitting with her back to me, facing the 5 numbered buttons on the exersaucer, pushing them individually with great deliberation. She was so focused.

Then we went out to meet a friend and her 11-month old daughter at Krispy Kreme, and we all had a wonderful glucose-raising time. Jacqui sat in a wooden restaurant high chair for the second time in as many days, and she took no notice of the lack of back support. She was too enthralled with the other baby to pay much attention to anything else!

I think I might try to find a mommy-and-baby group in the area; Jacqui's of an age where it would be nice to see her around other kids.