Sunday, November 07, 2004

little fish in a big pond

This just in: About twenty infants brought their parents with them to the community Rec Center this morning, and they all (the infants, not the parents) wore swim-diapers.

Jacqui had the Best Time Ever. Geoff and I both went with her, and I held her most of the time we were in the pool. We sang play songs, we swam her around, we chased a blue rubber ducky and a brightly colored ball, and then the half hour was over. She grinned, she reached for objects, she kicked and splashed a little, she never got upset at all. After class was over, she didn't seem to be done yet and we asked permission to stay longer. Geoff took her and we played more with the ball -- and with a little boy named Tony who came over to meet her.

She wore herself out; she fell asleep as we sat on the bleachers after we finally came out of the pool. Posted by Hello


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