Monday, March 22, 2004

five days of baby

She's so beautiful. :)

Today she is 5 days old and we had her first doctor's visit. We went to the pediatricians recommended by Liz & Tom, and we actually met with Kris (RNP, lactation consultant). Jacqui has lost a little weight, but not enough to cause concern -- her birth weight was 8 lbs 10 oz; her discharge weight was 8 lbs 2 oz; today she weighed 8 lbs. We're going back on Wednesday for another weigh-in. She also had her Hep. B vaccine, and they took blood for another billirubin test -- she's a little jaundiced, but not enough to send her in for treatment.

One of the reasons she's lost weight is because we've been having some breast-feeding issues. She did beautifully her first 2 days in the hospital. Then a well-intentioned nurse gave her formula in a bottle ... then a well-intentioned volunteer did the same ... then it was pretty much all downhill. Last night was HORRIBLE. She refused to breast-feed (and when I say "refused", I don't mean she politely turned it down), I was swollen and painful, we ended up giving her a bottle (as we've had to do for the past several days) because the kid's gotta eat. :( It was frustrating and horrible and I can understand how a lot of mothers would've given up.

Fortunately, Geoff had made today's appointment last Friday. And right now I can tell you: everything is GOOD. :D

With the help of a syringe/tube setup, right there in the office we got past the immediate-gratification issue. And by using a nipple-shield (twice; tonight we didn't need it at all), we got past the "I hate your left breast" syndrome. (And I can go into more detail about either of these things; I don't think most folks are really interested in the mechanics of it though.)

And twice tonight she's nursed as happily as she did those first two days in the hospital. I am the happiest mommy in the whole world! :D

We also bought an electric breast pump. I had tried using my little hand-pump, but the ghost of RSI past came to visit, and there was the possibility I'd be pumping a LOT if she really wouldn't nurse. (We thought about renting one, but it's nice to have my very own.) This afternoon I pumped after she was finished nursing, to get myself back into a non-granite state ... now I'm fine for a while, and we have a bit of milk in the fridge for her if she should need it in the syringe in the next couple of days.

Amusing moment:
Geoff (on phone with dentist's office): We've just had a baby, and I wonder if you can tell me: What's the earliest I should bring her to see the dentist?
Receptionist: 8 a.m.