Wednesday, November 03, 2004

da da da!

Oh, the growing!

For lunch Jacqui ate an entire 4 ounce jar of bananas with plums and rice. She loves that, and smiles and giggles and talks the whole time. Today though, in addition to finishing the jar (usually at lunch she's only good for 2 ounces), she started a new trick: she laughed and squealed and THREW herself back against the high chair. She had so much fun! She'd open her mouth wide for more food ... eventually I learned (after the spoon found her cheek, but before it found her eye) to put my hand on her chest before putting the spoon in her mouth.

When her daddy came home, she played with him on the futon (you can see her sitting on it in the photo below) and kept throwing herself backwards again!

This week she also started "da da da"ing. Sometimes we'll follow that up with a "chicky boom, chicky boom" and she grins. She loves to dance around the house while we sing "Jacqui is a punk rocker"! (Side note: yesterday I discovered that Geoff had never actually heard the Ramones singing "Sheena is a punk rocker". I once owned several of their CD's, but that was in a previous lifetime and marriage; eBay has come to our rescue.)

Tonight she drank a sweet potato smoothie (4 ounces), and then finished that 2.5 ounce jar of sweet potatoes. And in about a half hour, she'll nurse and then go to bed.