Saturday, November 27, 2004

Does Dr Sears know about this?

Jacqui starts to get sleepy around 9:30pm. Typically, she'll start to fuss around 10, and by 10:30 she's asleep. Whether she gets there in my arms (or Geoff's) or on her own isn't predictable yet, but there's not usually a lot of evening-angst.

Tonight I kissed her to sleep.

We were downstairs watching Muppets Take Manhattan, and the movie ended just at 10pm. That's when she started making the "I don't WANT to fall asleep!" noises, as she lay in her sleeper on the floor. So I leaned over and kissed her face, all up and down her cheek. I expected her to yell at me ... instead, she adopted the most blissed-out-baby expression I've ever seen. She even kissed me back, when my cheek was close to her mouth as I was nibbling her chin. Tiny little kisses all over her cheeks and chin and forehead made her eyes close and her body relax ... and then she was out.

When I picked her up she complained a little ... I kissed her cheek, and she relaxed back into sleep.

And now I sit here making the blissed-out-mommy face.