Tuesday, October 26, 2004

month seven

She's in the second week of her seventh month, she has two teeth, she eats two solid meals each day in addition to nursing, she often sleeps through the night. She loves the puppies, she loves morning, she loves her daddy! She watches. She smiles often, laughs frequently, cries when she needs to.

She's my heartbeat.

She rolls over and over to travel across the floor; today she discovered she can push herself backwards on her hands and knees. She doesn't crawl forward yet, but she can go anywhere if she wants.

She loves the baby in the mirror! Today she found the edges of the mirror, and wondered where the baby went when she traveled out of view.

She's eaten bananas, apples, sweet potatoes and carrots. So far, carrots are the clear winner. Not only do they inspire a happy-baby dance between bites, but also they make the most exciting diapers. Oh, the diapers!

She's fascinated by singers and musicians and by large groups of people. She loves to be held by just about everyone, as long as mommy's not too far away for too long.

She's my darling girl. Words can never capture the light in her eyes.