Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Jaunting about the GTA: An Overview

Jacqui spent an hour on Thursday morning kicking the back of an airplane seat that held a federal marshall. She was in her car-seat, singing and waving and kicking, for the duration of the flight from DC's National Airport to Toronto. Our flight was mostly empty, which surprised me after the nightmarish check-in lines -- we're never flying USAirways again, unless it's for free. We made it into line at 7am for a 9:30 flight; we didn't reach the counter until 8:40 because they kept pulling people out of line who had gotten there LATE and there were only two working computers.

However, we made it to Toronto without incident and then spent a long weekend showing off Jacqui to Geoff's family. Everyone seemed to have a most wonderful time! We spent Thursday evening in Keswick with Geoff's aunt and grandmother; on Friday we drove to Grafton to visit with his mom and dad at his other aunt and uncle's house -- some cousins were around, too; and on Saturday evening we drove back to Toronto. The photo I posted last night was taken at a pasta bar on Saturday night.

Sunday was a slow no-agenda wander-around-the-city day. We rode the subway, we found a comic shop and a used CD store, we walked until our feet fell off. Jacqui had an excellent time, bundled in her pink snowsuit and alternating between her stroller (referred to as a "trolley" by the hotel bellman and as a "carriage" by the subway lady) and our arms. She even wore her little pink mittens without complaint. We spent Sunday evening with Geoff's brother and his girlfriend and then on Monday afternoon we flew home.

I wanted to write down an overview of the trip; more detail will follow with photos soonish.