Thursday, March 03, 2005

crunchy hair joy

As of yesterday, this baby is now the Five-Toothed SqueakyBird. Her third top-tooth showed up with great fanfare and even a few fireworks. Once we were over the drama and the nap which followed, we headed out to her Grandma's house to show off the shiny (and sharp!) whiteness of her teeth.

She had a wonderful time (she always does), and then she slept NEARLY all night, which is an improvement over the past few weeks.

Tonight we went out to dinner with a couple of friends, which was the perfect moment for Jacqui to try out some new behaviours. I was feeding her peas-and-rice, and said "mmmm-HMMM" to her when she took a bite. Her voice is so much like mine that when she parrotted "mmmm-HMMM" back, it sounded almost like I'd repeated myself! Her other trick was cute in an entirely different way: she smashed rice into her hair. She's been noticing her head lately, and she pulls at her hair, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before she wondered what her hair would feel like with food in it.

When dessert came, she didn't want a bite of my banana unless she could hold it. Geoff's face was priceless when I finally gave it to her and said, "Okay, here. Put it in your hair." (She didn't -- she stuffed it in her mouth, just like I KNEW SHE WOULD.)