Thursday, January 06, 2005

Oh My Goodness.

We went to Sakura for sushi tonight -- my mom, Jacqui, and I. My mom had the spider roll that she does love, and I had avocado rolls. Well -- I had the avocado rolls that Jacqui couldn't finish. She ate the insides of at least 4 pieces; I lost count, because we were having far too much fun for MATH to be of concern. I pried them open and fed her the avocado and little bits of rice until she was DRUNK on them. She was so funny! She laughed and sang and talked and she ate avocado and rice until she couldn't hold herself up anymore. She'd lean back into my mom's hand, or else forward with her chin in my mom's other hand, and then open her mouth and call out for more sushi.

While she was doing all this, she came forward onto MY hand, and put her open mouth on the base of my thumb, the way she does. And that's when I felt it. The reason last night was such a horrible awful night that I hope she never repeats is because she cut at LEAST one of her top teeth. It's possible they BOTH came through!

This isn't well-written; I apologize. I'm sitting in my mom's computer room while she plays with Jacqui in the kitchen, and I can hear her corrupting her with Chicken Dance Ernie. I must go save my progeny from the chicken dance!