Monday, January 10, 2005

little swimmer

We went back to the pool today after a nearly month-long hiatus. We went to a different rec center (15 minutes away) because ours (10 minutes away) was hosting a swim-meet. That extra five minutes was all Jacqui needed to fall asleep. She's always so surprised to wake up in the car and find herself both not at home AND not at her grandma's house.

She had a wonderful time in the pool! Instead of having a railed entrance ramp leading down into the shallow water, this pool has a shallow section that's ENTIRELY just -- ramp. You start at 0' and walk down down down into the water, eventually reaching 3'. So this baby had a wonderful time playing with us in the shallow water! She kicked and splashed a bit, and she LAUNCHED herself at her daddy a couple of times. When we say, "Ready to swim, Jacqui?" she lifts her chin way up and strains forward. When she's had enough for a bit, she turns herself inward toward whichever of us is holding her and rests.

They also have a wonderful jacuzzi-type spa there ... and I tell you, that alone was worth the price of admission. (We took turns; Jacqui went nowhere near THAT water!)

There was a display on the rec center bulletin board aimed at parents of infants. Apparently they've had a problem with people NOT putting their children in water-tight swim diapers; they've had NINETEEN accidents in the past four months! That is just insane! So now they offer free swim diapers at the check-in desk, in hopes of saving everyone else from these people.

I cannot imagine bringing a baby to a public pool without a water-tight diaper.