Tuesday, October 19, 2004

o joy! o bliss!

Yes, it's true. I had both a shower AND a bath today.

When you've got a seven month-old who has just cut her first tooth and is in the beginning stages of separation-anxiety, bathing yourself can only happen with an accomplice.

This morning, my wonderful Geoffrey took care of a SqueakyBird while I showered. Then he went off to work where he did worky-things, and I stayed home and entertained a teething don't-put-me-down-or-I'll-scream baby. I was able to put her down mid-afternoon though, because that was when she ate an entire jar of pureed bananas -- and I didn't have to warm it! This never happens. She was so excited; she did a happy dance between spoonfuls. If I'd had a third arm I'd've videotaped it.

When Geoff got home, we fed her dinner (yes, a second solid meal -- I'm hoping she'll sleep through the night because of it. Cross your fingers.) and then gave her a bath. She's gotten more and more comfortable playing in the bathtub while sitting in front of me or on my lap, and tonight she kicked and splashed and had a wonderful time. There was a scary moment when she got water in her face, and she took a few minutes to decide that it was still okay to have fun in the tub, but then she went back to kicking and splashing.

And then! Then, Geoff took her for the 3 D's (drying off, diapering, dressing) and I stayed in the bathtub. And I shaved my legs.

And afterward, I applied lotion.

Now I am in satiny-smooth, honey-scented heaven.