Tuesday, December 21, 2004

state of the baby

height: 28" (50th %)
weight: 20 lbs (75th %)
head: 18" (90th %)

She's entirely healthy and as happy as she can be. Her ears, nose, and throat look good. She's reached all of her 9-month milestones, and apparently gone a little further; the doctor says that pointing, peek-a-boo, giving hugs and kisses, and that thing where you say AAAHHH and pat your mouth with your open palm (does that noise have a name?) are all supposed to happen between 12-18 months. Oh, and using her pointer-finger and thumb to pick up objects (like those not-really-Cheerios) is a later-on thing, too.

So she just keeps matching her clothing-size. I think that's fair. :)

The doctor was very pleased with the food report, and says we can start giving her little bits of American cheese, or similarly-textured cheese, as well as overcooked pasta and other mushy table-food. I intended to mention this baby's vegetarian future, but I got distracted; we'll bring it up at her next visit, which will happen on March 22.

AFTER her first birthday.

How can it possibly be that close??